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Gold, Silver & Platinum Group Metals


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Gold Recycling

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WANTED : LW1240430
Shipping Pt. / Location: INDIA, JODHPUR RAJASTHAN

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Quantity Units Frequency
1000 kg lbs Ongoing
Price Funds Per Unit
2 USD lbs
Smart Card / SIM Scrap - Smart Card / SIM Scrap. Any of the chips found in smart cards, SIM etc

WANTED : LW1239369

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Quantity Units Frequency
60000 lbs Day
Price Funds Per Unit
0.86 USD lbs
Populated Circuit Boards - Printed Circuit Board Scrap. Populated Circuit Boards shall consist of whole circuit boards with all components still attached (the term populated refers to the components ''living on the boards'' i.e. IC's Capacitors, etc.).

WANTED : LW1239267
Shipping Pt. / Location: USA, HOUSTON PORT

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Quantity Units Frequency
10 Kg. Month
Price Funds Per Unit
15.51 USD gram
Gold Karat Scrap (24 Karat) - Gold Karat Scrap (24 Karat). Gold Scrap (24 Karat) shall consist of 99.99% Gold Items. CAUTION : The gold content does not always equal the Karat Markings on items, Test each item to be sure of the gold content. Allow for excess Non gold weight on any solder item such as chains.

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